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New single ‘Back to Me’ is now available at your local streamstore

New album ‘PANDA POINTS’ is now available!

Yes! Our new album ‘PANDA POINTS’ and the extra ‘BONUS POINTS’ are now available at your local stream- and download stores! If you fancy a limited edition hardcopy you should definitely visit our Bandcamp page. Hardcopy CD’s are SOLD OUT.

As you might know: Panda Points are referring to the number of months you haven’t had sex. And as we have been working on this album for more than a year in the late hours, you might understand we have earned a lot of Panda Points. It will probably make us Panda of the year! This also might explain why the tracks on this album are rather sad and dark. There just was no time for love while working on our Panda Project. There’s clearly a reason why pandas are nearly extinct.

Panda Points contains 15 tracks. Most of them are inspired by triphop and downbeat from the ’90’s. Available at our Youtube Channel and at MusiQcast.com (including bonus track).

About the music:

1.Take Your Soul – A dark triphop track which reminded us of killer clowns. Killer Clowns: 4 Panda Points!

2. I Want My Baby – A combination of rock and pop. Bit inspired by Billie Eilish. Sad Woman: 4 Panda Points!

3. Extra Step – Another triphop track. One of our favs on this album. Tempting, but nothing happened yet: 5 Panda Points!

4. They Call Up On Me – The first triphop from outer space. Ever had sex in space? 4 Panda Points!

5. Crazy – Triphop about a scary person woman: 3 Panda Points!

6. Emergency Warning – Our slow pop track with a twist in the video. Sexy dance moves but no score. 3 Panda Points!

7. Before 10 – Ok, this is a bit experimental. Like John did with his number 9. No time for sex when you have a lot of thinking to do: 2 Panda Points!

8. Blame Me – This is sad. Reminded us of a forrest in Japan. Take care, Panda loves you! 4 Panda Points!

9. Whimsical Neighbour – A triphop track dedicated to that particular neighbour, but forget it… No change. 3 Panda Points!

10. Feeling Grey – Another sad track. We like how the video worked out. Looking forward to a remix of this track…. 5 Panda Points!

11. Morpheus’ Arms – Felt like we already knew this song. It’s our tune for The Walking Dead. Zombies don’t have sex. 4 Panda Points!

12. So Funny – Just a funny beat. Or is it not? People without humor: 1 Panda Point!

13. Revenge II – A lot to discover in this one. If you like it reach out for Revenge pt I. But you will have to look closely. Anger: 5 Panda Points!

14.I Do Not Follow – Dedicated to Lucas Gil who discovers and shares brilliant music at his Supernova Radio Show (lucas.glitterbeam.co.uk) and inspired by the story of Cyrano De Bergerac”. Old stories: 3 Panda Points!

15. Havanna Syndrome – Hey, this track doesn’t fit the album! Agreed. This is a small taster of our next album. Jazzy it will be! Besides this, Havana Syndrome is about a mysterious headache in Cuba, which also gives us an additional Panda Point!

Did you see our music?

We have created a music video album for the complete Panda Points album.


All music from PANDA POINTS has been build up from royalty free samples. Carefully blended together into new melodies and sounds. Production, Mixing and Mastering by Dizzy Panda (thanks D.J. Skyjump for your mastering tips!).

The artwork has been created exclusively for DIZZY PANDA by Ramon Pliushc. Isn’t he amazing?

All videos have been created by DIZZY PANDA using royalty free pics and video’s at pexels.com.

Big thanks to friends and family for listening to the work in progress versions over and over again. Honest feedback is key.

Now that we are ready for launch… Let’s mention our biggest supporters (in random order). Thanks all!

Willem at Ondergewaardeerdeliedjes.nl & the SNOB2000, Oli at radiotfsc.com, Darren, Mark and team at musiqcast.com, Lean at Cooltop20.com, Lucas at Supernova Radio Show, Jan at Radio de Schans, Conjo & Thomas at IndieXL, Gijs & team at Pinguin Radio, Christian and team at Radio Wigwam.

Also a big hug to the Indie artist army. Thanks for you being out there on the socials.