Genre neutrals with a Panda mask!

You might have heard us before…….

You might have seen us before…….

or not

Dizzy Panda are a producers duo from The Netherlands. They don’t stick to a specific genre and like to blend genres with a touch of jazzy/psychedelic (Dizzy) or retro/chill (Panda) influences. Like all panda’s they have a bright and a dark side….

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The LoFi / Lounge / Chill debut album ‘Raw Dummy‘ was released in march 2020. After this our musical journey started.

The bonus album was released two months later. ‘Rue d’Ummy‘ was published and taken down after we bought ourselves a digital copy. Very exclusive now.


No albums here.


Since then we have been working on the triphop / electropop album ‘Panda Points. The releasedate has been set on March 22 2022. The album consists of 15 tracks. For each track a music video will be released, so check MusiqCast and our YouTube Channel. Album artwork by Ramon Pliushc.

At June 1st we will release the album ‘Bonus Points‘. 8 new tracks. Most of the tracks dark. Triphop, Electronic and a bit of rock. Of course including videos.

In the second half of 2022 we will release the album ‘Jazzepazz‘. This album will of course be jazzy.. Think of Mr. Scruff, Pete Philly and Jamiroquai….and Dizzy Panda. Work in progress, so no release date set yet.

After that we will release a bonus album named: ‘Bonus Bops‘. More jazzy beats with a somewhat different sound than the previous album.


Some tunes in the making…. probably an album too.



  • Sippin’ Dummy – Our first single. It was recorded in a single take and has a duration or +10 minutes. The track was inspired by the sounds of Flofilz and Portishead. The track has never been placed on any playlist because of it’s length but has been ‘shazammed’ lot’s of times. It’s nothing special really. Just played around on Garageband, recorded the session and published online. Anyone can do it.
  • Zilliqa – A tribute to a promising blockchain project. The twitter crowd voted for an electro swing track.
  • Li Trai – Is a UKJazz/EDM track. The title is the Walloon name for the city of Maastricht. We are still waiting for an invitation at Maastricht Jazz. The single was our first single in the charts: Cooltop20.
  • Who needs a Meniscus – Is an unusual blend of soul, funk, rock. But we like it. The single entered the Cooltop20. We’ve created a music video. Check it out on Youtube!
  • Oak Ridge – Is a track named after the city where most of the Spotify streams for Dizzy Panda came from (if you are reading this: big thank you!). The track has some references to Kill Bill. It was supposed to be the track for Kill Bill 3. The single reached #2 in the Radio TFSC Top24.
  • I know U want thisIs a retro funky track with some voice sampling. We did this track together with the young talented Chimae. It was our first track to pass 1k streams on Spotify within a week.
  • Little Basterd – This was launched in memory of James Dean who died in a car crash at September 30th 1955. We took this track offline after two weeks at . . . the 30th of September.
  • EAAH@YUH – Dedicated to our first fan. EAAH@YUH. Only available as a musicvideo. He’s still with us, even after this video.
  • Llama – Is an unusual combination of house beats and panflutes. We call it our first Panflute House track. The Germans seem to like this track.
  • Turn Off The Light – Is a psychedelic electrotriphop song. We have created a 4:33 minute animation with this track with more than 4500 frames. Check out our music video! The single was in the CoolTop20 (cooltop20.com), Radio TFSC Top24. and the IndieXL (free40.nl). We are proud this track was chosen as one of the 2000 most underestimated tracks ever (SNOB2000), with a spot at 1997, Yeah!!
  • Nippy Dim Sum – We close 2020 how we started. Nippy Dim Sum is an anagram of our first single “Sippin’ Dummy”. We used some same samples and sounds, however 5 minutes shorter. We were told it’s Old School Boom Bap Lofi. Whatever. Brilliant artwork by Joe Brise.


  • You Might Regret – Our second dark psychedelic electrotriphop track. This track came with a music video too. The track is inspired by a young girl who was invited to spend the night with a couple. The girl was found dead the next morning. What happened…….?
  • SSSSH! Just a track to say goodbye to your loved ones. Don’t talk, no words to say…..sssssh! The track is based on old school dance tunes. In our musicvideo we used Boris Johnson with a facemask as an icon of 2020 and 2021 as both Covid-19 and the Brexit where dominating the news in this period. Lyrics by the StickupBoys from Brighton, UK.
  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis– psychedelic again. Heavy on the bass and mostly instrumental. Except for that one single word….., but it’s the longest word in the English language!
  • Sabroso This track is all about the artwork and the AI we used. The videoclip was created using a drawing by an 11 y/o Panda girl named ‘See Sea’ (she will also feature on future Panda tracks). The single has been released at June 6th. However, only available on hardcopy CD. The video can be found at this website.
  • One by One – Old school funky shit. One by One is an old school funky tune. As the world is slowly opening up from lockdown’s, we wanted to release a happy vibe and dance tune. One by One is about funk. The emphasis on ‘the One’. Panda style. Our first track with 4 languages. The release came with a funky video. Thanks to Radio de Schans for adding the track to their top2021.
  • Bite My Tongue – Mixed feelings about this one….We love this track….but it has taken us so much time… 26 releases before everything fell in place. Someone pointed us out the track sounded like work by Zero7. We had never heard of Zero7, but after listening we must admit we have heard their music before and are probably influenced by them. We thought the lyrics were a bit outdated…for the western world. That’s why we gave the track a twist in the music video. We reached the 2021 finals in the first MusiqCast.com music competition. Congrats to Mark Bleasdale and Kelly Cresswell!
  • You Can Do (What You Wanna Do) You Can Do (What U Wanna Do)” is a bit ’90’s retro and very soulful. It’s our cooperation with the amazing Therese from the band Yogishine (Norway). Her voice was compared to both an early Amy Winehouse and mrs. Lauryn Hill. Could be worse… There is a LIMITED EDITION CD available for this track. Most copies can be found in Norway. Thanks to Radio de Schans for adding the track to their Top2021 and European Indie Music Network for airing! Some cool reviews can be found here: Findnoenemy.com OSGAROTOSDELIVERPOOL NoiseHype.com RocknBold did a nice review which can be found on our socials.
  • Nante Koto Da なんて 事 だ – “Nante Koto Da なんて 事 だ” was a really cool project with KOJI and Yumiko from the Japanese Rock Band KOJI THE PLANET STONED PLUS.  We have created three versions of this track and we both liked the funky version the most, so this was released. The other versions are available as video and are added to the LIMITED EDITION CD version. Some copies available in Japan only.
  • You – Last single of the year 2021 especially for you. Only available as musicvideo.


  • Bite My Tongue – D..J. Skyjump REMIX – Our first track remixed by the amazing D.J.Skyjump from Italy. D.J. We are huge fan of D.J. Skyjump and are honored he took our track Bite My Tongue to another level. It is our frist single to pass 10k streams on Spotify.
  • When the Sky is Calling (ft. Norah Sunset) – D.J.Skyjump & Dizzy Panda REMIX– Our version of the Wobble Bass EDM track ‘When the Sky is Calling’. We are not remixers, so Skyjump added some magic too.
  • Feeling Grey – The first track of the album ‘Panda Points’ that will be released as single is Feeling Grey. It’s inspired by the tunes of Portishead and Massive Attack. The amazing trip hop sound of the 90’s. Video here.
  • Extra Step – It’s the B-side of Feeling Grey. Please meet: Extra Step. Video here.
  • Back to Me – The first track of the album ‘Bonus Points’ is another post triphop tune. Checkout the video here: video. The album Bonus Points will consist of 8 unreleased tracks and will be available at your local streamstore at June 1st 2022. The video reached the number #1 spot in the tjplnews Top10 Videos 13/5/2022
  • Work in Progress

More Dizzy Panda?

Some of our work in progress can be found at Soundcloud. Some of our new videoclips premiere on Musiqcast first. Keep an eye out on our socials. We are (sometimes not so) active on Twitter, Instagram and not so active on Facebook and TikTok with our handle @dizzypandamusic.

Who is Dizzy Panda?

Dizzy Panda are the Dutch producersduo Mike & Mool. Often assisted by others. Take our mask and you’re Dizzy Panda.

Dizzy Panda Experiences:

  • * First silent disco at ‘Dieben’s Place’, Curacao 2019. A brain surgeon was standing by.
  • * Spotify premium members since 2012
  • * 1999 Honorary member of the Timbuktu table football association.
  • * Featured at ‘Dan’s schoolwarming’, Amsterdam 1998. We didn’t make it to the end. Too drunk.
  • * Backing whistlers at the ‘Beerwhistlers’ 1998.
  • * Featured at the underground houselabel ‘Diebhouse’ between 1994-1996.
  • * Learned to play “brother Jocob” on the Casio keyboard in 1985. We still play the song!

Ah bullshit. We don’t have any experience. We are Dizzy Panda.