Dizzy Panda has joined forces with the eclectic indie rock band, The Perics. Bonded by our shared admiration for the legendary band Eels, this has blossomed into a fun and exciting collaboration project. 

It all began with an initial demo. The Perics (Matt Warren & Gideau ‘Gee’ Nielssen) breathed life into the project. The magic was undeniable, prompting the decision to elevate this collaboration to new heights – a full album. Now that the songs are finished, we want to take it to another level: Vinyl!

The album is titled “Pentapolis”. The title itself draws inspiration from the concept of Pentapolis, a grouping of five cities. This metaphor resonates deeply as we crafted this album without ever setting foot in a physical studio together. 

The concept of Pentapolis finds its roots in the lesser-known play by William Shakespeare, “Pericles, Prince of Tyre.” In this timeless tale, Prince Pericles embarks on a courageous and adventurous journey, facing shipwrecks, encounters with pirates, and the loss of loved ones. Pericles was a Greek politician and general during the Golden age of Ancient Greece. Pericles’ most visible legacy can be found in the literary and artistic works of the Golden Age, much of which survive to this day. 

And then there’s “The Perics,” a name derived from the Dutch term “Perieken,” a nod to the ancient Greek “Perioeci.” Like the free inhabitants of Sparta, The Perics are independent artists with a focus on rock from the eighties, nineties and zeroes. The independent duo Dizzy Panda added their sounds of jazzy, funky tunes and danceable beats. The Dutch band Younique, known from their appearance in the Dutch edition of ‘The Voice’, also make an appearance on the album. 

The tracks on the album “Pentapolis” draw inspiration from Pericles’ odyssey. The music reflects the diverse influences of both bands, spanning across genres from rock and jazz to pop and funk. Below is a short preview of all 12 tracks on the album. 

The album will be available at your favourite stream store as from March 8th 2024. On the bandcamp sites, the album will be available for download, and a limited edition CD can be ordered. There will also be a vinyl record available (orange vinyl), which will be shipped out as from the 1st of June (not confirmed yet).

Now, we invite you to be a part of our journey to PENTAPOLIS. We have put a massive amount of love and time in this project already. This ship is now ready to sail out. “Hoist the sails”.  But be careful for Mad Maggie and the sailors of the Flying Dutchman, the single the whole idea for the collaboration all started with…