Dizzy Panda

Genre neutrals with a Panda mask!

You might have heard us before…….



The debut album ‘Raw Dummy‘ was released in march 2020. After this a several projects started.

The second album ‘Rue d’Ummy has been online for about two weeks and was then taken offline (by us!). Do you have a copy? That’s a special one!


  • Sippin’ Dummy – Our first single. It was recorded in a single take and has a duration or +10 minutes. The track was inspired by the sounds of Flofilz and Portishead. The track has never been placed on any playlist because of it’s length but has been ‘shazammed’ lot’s of times.
  • Zilliqa – A tribute to a promising blockchain project. The twitter crowd voted for an electro swing track.
  • Li Trai – Is a UKJazz/EDM track. The title is the Walloon name for the city of Maastricht. We are still waiting for an invitation at Maastricht Jazz.
  • Who needs a Meniscus – Is an unusual blend of soul, funk, rock. But we like it. Especially when the video came out. It was shot in one take, but we took multiple shots.
  • Oak Ridge – Is a track named after the city where most of the Spotify streams for Dizzy Panda came from (if you are reading this: big thank you!). The track has some references to Kill Bill. It was supposed to be the track for Kill Bill 3. Quintin Taranantino can use this track without commissions.
  • I know U want thisIs a funky track with some voice sampling. We did this track together with the young talented Chimae. It was our first track to pass 1000 streams on Spotify within a week.
  • Little Basterd – This was launched in memory of James Dean who died in a car crash at September 30th 1955. We took this track offline after two weeks at . . . the 30th of September.
  • Llama Is an unusual combination of house beats and panflutes. We call it our first Panflute house track. The Germans seem to like this sound.
  • Turn Off The Light – Is a a dark psychedelic electrotriphop song. We have created a 4:33 minute animation with this track with more than 4500 frames. Check out our Youtube Channel.
  • Nippy Dim Sum – Is an anagram of our first single “Sippin’ Dummy”. We used some same samples and sounds, however 5 minutes shorter.
  • You Might Regret – Our second dark psychedelic electrotriphop track. This track comes with a music video too. The track is inspired by a young girl who was invited to spend the night with a couple. The girl was found dead the next morning. What happened?
  • WHAT’s NEXT?

The third album ‘Rude Dumb Me‘ is in the making. We are still in doubt which tracks should feature this album…. Lot’s to choose from.

We have a lot of singles. Some of our work in progress can be found at Soundcloud. Some of our new videoclips premiere on Musiqcast first. Keep an eye out on our socials. We are active on Twitter, Instagram and not so active on Facebook and TikTok with our handle @dizzypandamusic.

Dizzy Panda “Drunk Again” tour:

  • 2021 Who knows…
  • 2019 Amersfoort, The Netherlands
  • 2019 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2018 Middelburg, The Netherlands
  • 2018 Budapest, Hungary
  • 2017 Riga, Latvia
  • 2016 Prague, Czech Dizzy

Dizzy Panda Experiences:

  • * First silent disco at ‘Dieben’s Place’, Curacao 2019. A brain surgeon was standing by.
  • * Spotify premium members since 2012
  • * 1999 Honorary member of the Timbuktu table football association.
  • * Featured at ‘Dan’s schoolwarming’, Amsterdam 1998. We didn’t make it to the end. Too drunk.
  • * Backing whistlers at the ‘Beerwhistlers’ 1998.
  • * Featured at the underground houselabel ‘Diebhouse’ between 1994-1996.
  • * Signed at Sony Music Nederland 1992.
  • * Learned to play “brother Jocob” on the Casio keyboard in 1985. We still play the song!

Ah bullshit. We don’t have any experience. Or we do have. You tell us.