In between the album releases, we have released loads of singles. Some of them in collaboration with other artists. We have done collaborations with:

  • Dr. Monika Demmler, Germany/USA (DOLL remix, listen on spotify)
  • The Perics, UK-NL
  • Chabliz, NL
  • DJ Skyjump, Italy
  • KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus, Japan
  • Yogishine, Norway
  • Darren Mason, UK
  • Finite Sly, USA
  • ATrip, Agentina

And more collabs are on the way like Pepe and the Bandits and The Postindustrial Poets, ….. and what about you?

Dizzy Panda – Back to Me
Dizzy Panda ft. KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus – Nante Koto Da (da funk)
Dizzy Panda ft Darren Mason – Greed is a Colour
Dizzy Panda ft Finite Sly – Crystal Crown
Dizzy Panda – Turn off the Light
Dizzy Panda ft DJ Skyjump – Bite my Tongue (DJ Skyjump Remix)
Dizzy Panda – Oh Lord! (video exclusive)
Dizzy Panda ft Yogishine – You Can Do (What U Wanna Do)
Dizzy Panda – You (video exclusive)
Dizzy Panda – Extra Step (taken from the album Panda Points)
Dizzy Panda – Feeling Grey (taken from the album Panda Points) | Nominee in the Amsterdam International Film Festival 2022 | Best Music Video in the Cuckoo International Film Awards 2022
Dizzy Panda – Break Down | Award Winner in the IndieFEST Film Awards 2022