Our next collaboration is with London based Darren Mason. “We somehow came across Darren on Youtube and were amazed how this track had only so little views as it is a beautiful piece of art. Darren reminded us a bit like Tricky and Seal. He has both hiphop and melody. He’s got soul! So we approached him to create something together and we are very happy he did. We are very pleased with the result. It’s probably not a single for the charts and high stats, more a piece of art. It’s something different”.

“We provided a few demo’s and Darren picked the most difficult one and added his part. We then changed the music a bit to better support the vibe and lyrics”. Darren:”The song is about consumption mainly greed, gluttony and living this fake reality of eating the world”.

“We asked Darren to supply some video footage, and he did an awesome job. Standing before his living room door, with a blue bed sheet hanging over it. In different expressions, slow, angry. This man is a pro, a pleasure to work with such a talent”.

The new single will be available at september 14th.

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